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Getting Started


Time is money! Plan B Solutions understands the business case requirements of Utilities and applies technology to meet those objectives:

  -Greater productivity
  -Improved reliability
  -Faster restoration
  -Reduced maintenance
  -Decreased const costs


Plan B Solutions is dedicated to Solutions for the Electric Utility Market. With 140 Years combined technical knowledge in testing, Plan B Solutions is a leader in this support market.

Abilities and skill sets available:

Witness testing services

FAT Testing

SAT Testing


System commissioning

Hardware Design

Customer Support
Ethernet Comm knowledge

Point testing

Point list development

System configuration

FAT testing

SAT testing

System commissioning

On-Site / Field support for all above expertise

Let us ensure your Utility's  implementation is a success!

Plan B Solutions was formed from consulting Engineers with careers in the Electric Utility market.

LADWP Automation delivery and commissioning ongoing. Currently 115 systems  delivered!

120 Systems Released!
delivery is occurring at an average of 4 systems per month.

Systems already saved valuable hours in restoration. Ask us how!

Utility Solutions!









News | Products | Consultants | Experience | Investor Page

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