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Getting Started


Time is money! Plan B Solutions understands the business case requirements of Utilities and applies technology to meet those objectives:

  -Greater productivity
  -Improved reliability
  -Faster restoration
  -Reduced maintenance
  -Decreased const costs


Power system automation and control is a critical means for utilities to improve reliability, efficiency, and productivity. Leveraging automation data for enterprise use further enables utilities to make critical business and operating decisions accurately and quickly, and improve the quality of service provided to customers. Plan B Solutions recognizes the business realities facing transmission and distribution organizations. We have one simple objective: to maximize your business performance. By focusing on a partnership with our clients, we minimize your business risk and deliver a measurable return on investment.

Plan B Solutions offers a range of substation automation services that complement the goals of today’s utility companies. Our support ranges from turnkey implementations to services tailored to a particular need. We help our clients transform their organizations into digital business enterprises through system-wide integration of data from various isolated sources.

Substation Automation
Plan B Solutions assists clients to leverage substation automation data to gain key business benefits. Services include:

• System/enterprise integration
• Training
• Documentation
• Testing and testing support (test plans, acceptance testing)
• Benefits realization/key performance indicators

• Data and application integration
• Database development and management
• Data consulting
• Real-time business intelligence/data warehouse to support enterprise asset

Plan B Solutions differentiates itself through a vision that goes beyond automating the substation. Our solutions provide the foundation for delivering critical information to the utility enterprise. We understand that key business benefits are gained through leveraging substation automation data for enterprise use.

LADWP Automation delivery and commissioning ongoing. Currently 85 systems  delivered!

120 Systems Released!
delivery is occurring at an average of 4 systems per month.

Systems already saved valuable hours in restoration. Ask us how!

Utility Solutions!









News | Products | Technology | Experience | Investor Page

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