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Getting Started


Time is money! Plan B Solutions understands the business case requirements of Utilities and applies technology to meet those objectives:

  -Greater productivity
  -Improved reliability
  -Faster restoration
  -Reduced maintenance
  -Decreased const costs


140 "person" years of knowledge and experience combined! Plan B Solutions has a unique staff of engineering and technical people with a variety of programming, design, testing and implementing experience specific to the Utility market. This knowledge and experience base is applied to Automation solutions for your Utility.

This deep knowledge base and experience enables our team to truly understand the specific requirements of Utility customers; understanding complex protective schemes and at the same time Utility specific SCADA requirements. This is our forte; we effectively disseminate data to the right departments for the right application.

These engineering dynamics and requirements are specific to the Utility industry and
Plan B Solutions staff possess this unique experience and ability.

We are currently applying our experience in the deployment of the LADWP project; the largest Automation project in the US to-date. Shipping an average of 4 complete systems per month, Plan B Solutions is involved in every aspect of the system design, build, test and delivery. Our staff builds the software foundation, configures the systems, tailors HMI screens, completes factory testing, acceptance testing and Site testing, as well as providing post-delivery system support and training.

Let Plan B Solutions help you make your automation project a success!

LADWP Automation delivery and commissioning ongoing. Currently 85 systems  delivered!

120 Systems Released!
delivery is occurring at an average of 4 systems per month.

Systems already saved valuable hours in restoration. Ask us how!

Utility Solutions!









News | Products | Technology | Experience | Investor Page

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