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Getting Started


Time is money! Plan B Solutions understands the business case requirements of Utilities and applies technology to meet those objectives:

  -Greater productivity
  -Improved reliability
  -Faster restoration
  -Reduced maintenance
  -Decreased const costs



Plan B Solutions was formed from Engineers previously employed at Tasnet Inc. Tasnet was a full system supplier and integration company with success in the automation industry as a pioneer with over 18 years experience. Their success led to an acquisition of the company and a separation of software and Integration. Plan B Solutions was formed separately to continue integration of the Tasnet platform as well as other technologies.

Plan B Solutions is involved in a variety of projects including the LADWP RTU replacement  / automation endeavor. The LADWP project is a $54 million dollar contract to automate up to 176 substations, providing data to various departments including SCADA/EMS and the protective relay group while simultaneously enabling operators real-time functionality of control.


More to follow.

LADWP Automation delivery and commissioning ongoing. Currently 85 systems  delivered!

120 Systems Released!
delivery is occurring at an average of 4 systems per month.

Systems already saved valuable hours in restoration. Ask us how!

Utility Solutions!









News | Products | Technology | Experience | Investor Page

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